Watercolour masterpieces

Comments and Reviews.

Slava Ptrov, Moscow, 

Thus, we are before an artist of light, all the rest is Casanova’s creation. Giving us that miracle back is enough for his work to be one of the most important within the realistic aesthetics of international watercolours. Due to his instinct, he is an artist that gives expression to our nature with all its shades in an individual, constant way. A watercolour painting by Casanova banishes loneliness with its infinite details of exceptionally developed strong colours, and it allows company without fears or rest.


Ana Melendez, Mexico, 

Casanova seems to paint with a surgical brush that shows it all to the eager eye. Casanova does not invent a technique, but he immerses himself in the origins of old watercolour painting, proving total mastery of the expressive resources of this pictorial technique by means of a balanced combination of dry and wet brush strokes, the control of glaze fading, gradation and tonal harmony of modelling, and the blended resolution of the chromatic range in the service of the unmistakably poetic language of his watercolour paintings, but it is better that the image of his work speaks for itself.

Jorge Mancilla Torres, Mexico, 2004.

Man of two creative climates, Casanova is an exceptional case in painting. Born in the jungle clearing of an Amazonic – Bolivian boundary, he also adjusted his aesthetical temper to the rigours of the Baltic cold of the Scandinavian peninsula. Therefore, he can paint warmly in the morning and gelidly in the afternoon of the same day without any detriment to his quality and atmospheric belonging. The same for the vivacious gabble of South American birds as for the expressive silence of the tundras. Julio Casanova is nostalgic for extreme climates, where he lets his life as a man and an artist go by.

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