Watercolour masterpieces

Julio Cesar Cuéllar Casanova. 

Born in Santa Cruz- Bolivia, has been living in Sweden since 1983.

He grew up in Bolivia. As a child, he was always sketching his surroundings, and most of all, the beautiful nature of el Gran Chaco. He studied architecture, graphic design and taught himself how to paint. As a young artist, his wish to explore the world took him to Europe. After painting his way through Spain, Portugal, France and Great Britain, he settled in Sweden, where he also lives and works today.

Casanova loves the symmetry of nature and gets inspired by the beautiful colours of the Amazon. He is also an environmental activist, and he has addressed environmental issues as the theme in various art projects and exhibitions.

At the beginning of the 80’s he started exhibiting his naturalistic works, many of them aligned with the defence of ecology, and due to this virtue he was awarded an honor prize in Denmark, at an international event against the atomic bomb. Most of his oil and watercolour paintings are owned by collectors and public entities. Casanova is represented by private collectors in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Russia. Iceland, Modern Museum of Jarkov in the Ukraine, Mexico, the USA , Spain, Venezuela, Italy, Ecuador.

Casanova's hyperrealistic watercolour paintings fascinates people all over the world. His art has been shown in Italy, Spain, Mexico, U.S.A., Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

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